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At Kaynes we wish to bridge the gap providing access to highly skilled and qualified IT that you hand-select and test to work directly for your company. Staff report to you daily via video from our managed offices in the Brazil working to US working hours as an extension of your in-house team.

Kaynes is a global company with offices in UK, US and Brazil. We provide fulltime outsourced staff across all technologies and levels to both small and large businesses. We save companies money as our Brazilian staff are not only highly educated but cost only around 30% of the cost for similarly skilled workers in the UK or USA.



We help you build a team of experienced software developers within 4 to 6 weeks. We have access to thousands software and app developers in Brazil skilled in a range of technologies, from popular solutions to less commonly used languages.



Once our employee becomes a member of your in-house team working the same office hours as you. Your developer(s) will report directly to you each day from our offices.


You manage your team directly, without any third-party interference, using your preferred tools and methods. We take care of payroll, taxes, office management, HR, and retention. That means no back-office hassle.


There’s no financial obligation for recruitment unless you decide to hire software developers with us. Recruitment comes with zero risk.You can increase or decrease the size of your development team with only one month’s prior notice.


We support you at every step, no matter how small or large your team is, by providing expert advice on best team management practices and helping you build effective working relationships with your developers.


The developer joins our company to work directly for you so feels part of your team from the start. They take pride in their work when understanding your company’s goals and enjoy feeling a part of something bigger. 



With Kayne’s dedicated staff augmentation model, you can hire a single developer or a full offshore development team. You manage your staff with the tools and methods you know and work with daily, and we look after the boring and costly back office tasks leaving you to focus on the development of your applications and the running of your company.



Freelancing is awesome for the freelancer; not for you. They have multiple projects; having your product as their immediate and ongoing priority is hard. Kaynes gives you the peace of dedicated, focused teams before, during and after your product has been made awesome.


Finding the right developers is hard. Sometimes, they’ll need to act as the developer, CTO, Project Manager and conduit between non-technical folk. A lot of the time this simply isn’t possible. Kaynes supports fast product development without the pain.


Traditional Software Development agencies are usually a safe bet if you’re starting out. But also, pricing reflects this with unaffordable ways to launch your product.

Kaynes is the perfect hybrid.



With Kaynes a simple monthly cost includes your developer’s salary, benefits, office space, equipment, HR services, account manager and After Care team. Your developer works for you full time so it is easy to budget for, but without the long-term commitment or risk of redundancy payouts and legal obligations.

With other outsourcing companies you will pay for all aspects of the project: coding hours spent, talking to a project manager and any quick changes that are required, leaving you no control over your budget and deadlines, and a real uncertainty to what your monthly bill will be.



Feedback is important to us, it serves as one of the major ways in which we can improve our company. The majority of our first-time clients become regulars because they're so satisfied with our performance. Many clients want to monetize the apps we developed and most of them succeed, turning quite a profit from the sales. Our company proudly declares that it has never had any kind of legal problems with our customers. Our internal policy with the app developer for hire is foolproof and we reserve the right to discontinue any rapport with an employer if we have reasonable doubt to think that he's ill-indented or out of legal/ethical boundaries.



Just as Apple.inc reserves the right to reject any iOS app or software from the public market if the company deems necessary because of a certain ethical/moral principle. Kaynes mediates between the clients and the professional app developer for hire, making both parties respect the rules of this money-service transaction. We have the fundamental conviction that every party should treat others with fairness and respect. Nobody should mistreat others and our company is built on such principles of work ethic. We'll treat our clients with the best services our company can offer, but at the same time, we'll keep in mind the work volume of our workforce, look out for them and cater to them accordingly.

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